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Call Us at (337) 462-6990  
We are closing early Sat- Aug 17,2019 If you want your fish cleaned need to be in @3:45. You can fish a little longer if you take them live
Sunrise Catfish Farm, Inc.

Welcome to Sunrise Catfish site!

Open year round for fishing. No fishing license required.
Bring the family for a great outdoor family experience.

At Sunrise Catfish Farm Inc., we believe in providing the best fishing experience available.

Sunrise Catfish Farm Inc. works to provide the opportunity you desire to have the fun you want at a price you can afford. Serving you effectively is our top priority.

Created to fill a specific need, Sunrise Catfish Farm Inc. helps to make your day more enjoyable, and your fishing more successful.

Sunrise Catfish Farm Inc. is family operated. We offer catch to cleaned service.
We've expanded our business to include this Web site so that our customers can enjoy convenient access to information.

Well Stocked ready to catch

Have Added 125,000 lb on site.

  • $2.20 lb. live weight you clean, take like they are
  • $2.70 lb. cleaned (skinned,headed,and gutted) packed in ice
  • $2.95 lb. fillet packed in ice

  • BAIT--Liver-$3.00, Shrimp $3.00, Worms $3.90
  • TACKLE--Hooks $1.00, Weights $1.00, Floats $2.50 ,Rod&Reel $5+5 deposit
  • Nets $10 Deposit return nets and fishing poles we take the Deposits off on the fish you caught.
  • Ice $1.50, Ice Chest Styrofoam $3.25 to put cleaned fish in.
  • Ice Cream-Vanilla,Chocolate,Strawberry,Cookies-n-Cream,
  • Mint Chocolate chip, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Peanut-butter $2.00
  • Candy Bars $1.00, Soft Drinks $1.00, Gator aide $1.75,
  • Chips $1.25-$2.50
  • Saturday only--Hamburgers, Brisket Sandwiches,
  • Creme Pies--Chocolate,Lemon,Coconut $10.00
  • Cinnamon Rolls,
  • Peanut Brittle $5.00
  • if you know you are coming and would like to order a pie that would be recommended, 


Check out our Coffee Cups, White Mug for $12.00

Color Changing Mug for $15.00

Tee Shirts $15.00---XXL-$17.00

          Open:                Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00      Sat 7:30-7:30

Winter Hours start at time change---- 8:00-5:30

Closed: Sunday

Located 8 miles south of DeRidder 10 mi North of Longville between mi marker  36-37 turn on             
Mennonite Rd  Follow the signs                  to           155 Milton Schmidt            Rd              Deridder, LA                  70634

(337) 462-6990
(337) 375-3198
(337) 462-6209   

We Take All Major       CREDIT CARDS        And Debit Cards              EXCEPT    AMERICAN EXPRESS